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how to shop

There are many different ways to browse and shop on Upstyla. We've given a lot of thought to making the shopping process simple and fun for you. Here are just some shopping and browsing ideas:


shop by style

The best way to find that perfect fashion item is to search by Style. Just select your style in the shop by style dropdown menu on the header above. Or simply type in a style in the search box and then click on search to find that perfect fashion item.


here are the style categories:

haute couture, designer and big name labels, and their unmistakably flamboyant style shop designer
vintage has been around for a bit longer than retro, '60s, '50s and anything older shop vintage
that timeless, elegant look that never goes out of style, like Chanel and Burberry shop classic
the prep school set classy look, pressed polos and starched khakis shop preppy
whatever the new hot thing may be, for you trend followers shop trendy
skinny jeans, denims, with a touch of 70s retro shop rock/funky
drapy, flowy, hippie chic and tie dye where one size usually fits all shop bohemian/hippie    
young, sporty, edgy, baggy skateboarder hip shop skater  
plus size
big is beautiful. It takes one to know one.  Say no more! shop plus size
special occasion
wedding dresses, bridesmaid's dresses, ball gowns shop special occasion
wearable art
art that you can wear, one-of-a-kind handmade garments and accessories shop wearable art
none of the above—feeling lucky? shop other

shop by sale

Styling on a budget? Upstyla has an ongoing clearance rack. Also look out for coupons in your inbox! Sellers often run promos to reward customers and to attract new ones.

shop by location

Local listings are a way for you to find the hidden gems in your own communities and “skip the ship” altogether. Local Listings also allow you to shop the unique styles for a city. Feel free to browse the street styles from New York, Philly, San Francisco or LA for a more cosmopolitan look.

lot listings

Lot listings are a great way for you to discover and stock up on items on a binge that are the same kind (category) and the same size. Looking for skimpy summer tops for a beach vacation, or to size up (or down) on your jeans? Lot listings will save you time and money.

shop by category

Don’t forget to check out these categories to find that perfect stylish item:
  • departments
  • price
  • size
  • designer
  • color

looking for something specific?

If you know exactly what you are looking for, just search for it in the search box. All items offered on sale on Upstyla are tagged by attributes to make it easy for you to find just the item you are looking for.


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