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a new concept

Upstyla is a new concept! A stylish place for you to buy and sell quality fashion that is either new or gently used.
We love our customers and we care about the experience you have at Upstyla. We are very particular about the clothing and accessories items listed for sale here. We want Upstyla to be a treasure trove for you for one-of-a-kind fashion finds at prices that you’ll like!

a niche marketplace

Upstyla is not a store but a marketplace made up of many buyers and sellers. Unlike auction sites, items are listed and offered at a fixed price by individual sellers. Our focus and criteria are quality clothing items. Anyone can sign up for a free user account with Upstyla and list items for sale instantly. It's free to list an item for sale! And when your item sells, you pay a very modest selling fee of 5%, far less than what a consignment store would charge you.

shopping & browsing

Browse and shop at Upstyla just as you would on other shopping sites. If you see something you like, put it in your shopping bag. You can always remove your items later or save them as Favorites if you change your mind before check out.

satisfaction warranty

Upstyla understands the anxiety associated with purchasing items online and not being able to try them on prior to your purchase. Or worst, the item you’ve received doesn’t match the description of the listing. For peace of mind with your online purchases, Upstyla offers a Satisfaction Warranty. Items that qualify may be returned for what you paid for it, including the shipping costs associated with purchasing and returning the item.

shop by location

Local listings are a way for you to find the hidden gems in your own communities and “skip the ship” altogether.
Local Listings also allow you to shop the unique styles for a city. Feel free to browse the street styles from New York, Philly, San Francisco or LA for a more cosmopolitan look.

shop by style

Upstyla is big on fashion and style, it's our niche! We are fashionista-friendly. Use the shop by style drop down list on the top menu bar to go straight to your favorite style. The shop by style feature has unique categories for each Upstyla Department: clothing, accessories, jewelry, shoes, bags and purses, and hats and scarves. Or simply enter a style keyword in the search box.

lot listings

Do you have many items to sell that have the same category and size? Are you moving? Spring-cleaning anytime soon? Expecting a baby? Or has your weight and size changed? Maybe your style has just evolved and you want to upgrade your wardrobe? Lot listings could be the way to go for you. You can list a bunch of items as a “lot” instead of individually to save time and trouble.

shop by price

If you are bargain hunting, this is the way to go. Just enter your upper price limit and see what's out there. You might just be pleasantly surprised as to how far your fashion budget goes!

style list

Styles on Upstyla are user picks. If you are into fashion and want to let your inner stylista shine, upload looks of yourself or looks you discover online. We've made it easy and fun for you to put together your own styles to share with others or for you to try out a look.

selling your stuff

If you have quality fashion that you once loved and don't care to keep, sell it on Upstyla! You can sign up for a free Seller account and list your item in minutes. It's much more hassle free than offering them for sale at auctions or consignment stores. You get to name your price and you can also choose to be open for offers from Buyers.

signing up for an account

Sign up for a free account is quick and simple. It's free to join our community of buyers and sellers. All you need to provide is a user name and an email address. Why not sign up for an account now and join our stylish community of discerning buyers and sellers today?
Thank you for visiting Upstyla!