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how to list an item for sale

You need to sign up as a Seller before you can list items for sale.  Signing up as a seller is super simple and only takes a minute of two.

listing an item

Once you have signed up as a Seller, log on to your account.  Click on my account, and seller dashboard.  This is what you will see.  Just click on list an item to list your item.


listing details

After you click on list an item, just fill in the listing form to tell us about your item.  We've made the form super user-friendly for you.  You will need to:

  • give your item a title
  • describe your item
  • choose the department and category to list in
  • add a photo or two
  • add some tags (keywords) to help people find your item
  • select a color
  • set the price
  • provide shipping details

That's pretty much it!






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