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listing plans


3 months free trial

It's free to list an item for sale on Upstyla for the first 3 months.  If your item doesn’t sell within the first 3 months, you may keep the listing active with a subscription plan or opt for Pay as You Go

When you sign up, choose from 3 subscription plans to suit your needs or Pay as You Go for one-off and occasional sellers .  All of our plans are free for the first 3 months.



pay as you go

little boutique

corner boutique

high street boutique


$0.50 per item




Listing Duration 3 months Up to 50 listings
for 1 month
Up to 100 listings
for 1 month
Unlimited listings
for 1 month
Photos included with item 5 3 5 5
Additional Features included Clearance Bin
Bulk listings
Name Your Price
Local Listings
  Clearance Bin
Bulk listings
Clearance Bin
Bulk listings
Name Your Price
Local Listings


upgrade your plan

Choose a plan that best suits your needs and you can always add more seller tools à la carte as you need them.

  • 2 additional photos: $0.99
  • clearance bin: $0.99
  • bulk listings: $0.99
  • name your price: $0.99
  • lot listings: $0.99
  • pick up & go: $0.99
  • the stylish package: $3.95

If you’d like to add 4 or more of these features to your plan, you’d be better off upgrading your subscription plan to the next level.  You can upgrade your subscription plan at any time.  You will only be billed the price difference between the upgraded plan and your existing plan when you upgrade, and every 3 months thereafter at the new plan rate until you cancel or downgrade. Your new listing limit and listing features will be available immediately when you upgrade.


Your subscription plan will auto-renew every 3 months on the same day of the month you started or upgraded your subscription plan.

If you do not wish to renew your subscription after the 3 month free trial is up, you should downgrade your plan to Pay as You Go before the free trial period is up.

downgrade your plan

If you choose to downgrade or cancel your subscription plan, it will not take effect until the next billing cycle.


help for sellers

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