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local listings

Local listings is a way for you to find the things you love in your own neighborhood so you can “skip the ship” all together.  Simply pick the items you love and arrange for a time for pick up with your seller.  Local listings in conjunction with the Pick up & Go feature also support a cash payment option.  This often works out to be a win-win for both buyer and seller.  Buyer gets the item quicker and seller gets paid quicker and in cash. Just look for the Local Listing and Pick up & Go features in the product listing page.

Local Listings also give you a glimpse into the unique styles for a city.  Browse the street styles of New York, Philly, San Francisco or LA on Upstyla and mix and match to come up with your own style!

how it works

Local listings are FREE on Upstyla!  Just set the Upstyla thumbtack to set your desired location for where you’d like to shop.  You can also search by city and state on the search pages.

setting up “Pick up & Go”

Skip the ship! With Pick up & Go, buyers can pick up their item from you, saving you the trouble of packing and shipping.

The Pick up & Go feature works nicely with Local Listings and gives sellers the option to be paid in cash.

To set up Pick up & go, simply go to your “Add Items” Page.  The Pick up & go feature is located below the shipping cost options.  Just check the box to enable Pick up & go.  Once selected, this feature will display on your product details page near shipping options and will be viewable to all.  Please note that this feature only applies to the item you made the selection on, and will not be applied to every item in your shop.

With Pick up & go, you will also have more flexible payment options available, including the cash option.  You can now ask for “Cash only” for the item.  The cash amount payable by your buyer will already have the 5% Upstyla fee deducted.  The buyer has to pay you in cash in person at the time of pick up to complete the transaction.

safety comes first

With the Pick up & Go option, we strongly advise you to meet with your buyer in a public setting, preferably a coffee shop, or in a mall, and to bring a friend along.  This advice also applies to the buyer receiving the item.  As a safety precaution, do not invite anyone to your home address and do not go to anyone else’s home address that you do not know to exchange merchandise you have listed on

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