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lot listings


Do you have many items to sell that have the same category and size?  Are you moving?  Spring-cleaning anytime soon? Expecting a baby?  Or has your weight and size changed?  Maybe your style has just evolved and you want to upgrade your wardrobe? Lot listings could be the way to go for you.  You can list a bunch of items as a “lot” instead of individually to save time and trouble.

how does it work?

Lots are similar items batched together to be sold as a lot.  For example, 10 pairs of jeans all size 6 that you want to sell for say $100.  So instead of creating 10 separate listings, you can simply create a “lot listing” and list them all in one lot. 

Lot listings must be:

  • The same category/subcategory (e.g. accessories, clothing, jewelry, etc.)
  • The same size (all items in the lot must be the same size)


how to set up a lot listing

  1. To set up Lot Listings, simply go to your “Add Items Page”. 
  2. At the top of the page, click on “Item type option” and you will see Lot Listings in the drop down list.  
  3. Simply select the lot listings option, then select one designer, and one country for your lot. 
  4. Your featured image should be of only one of your items in the lot.  You will have the option to include more photos of your items in the lot. 
  5. Your item’s description should include all the designers that will be included in the lot. 

Your lot listing will be marked with a lot icon (“L” graphic) in your item’s thumbnail. Lots will be searchable.  Your product details page will display that you have a lot listing.  Once the listing is complete, you are well on your way to unloading a bunch of items in one fell swoop!  Lot listings cost just $1.00 per listing.  The Upstyla commission of 5% still applies.  

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