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satisfaction warranty

for buyers

The Satisfaction Warranty covers you in the case you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase.  Only new items (either with or without tags) can be covered by a Satisfaction Warranty.  Satisfaction Warranties are options offered by sellers.  Satisfaction Warranties must be purchased in conjunction with the item being warrantied at the same time and are not refundable.  If a Satisfaction Warranty is offered for an item you have put in your shopping bag, you will see the option in your shopping bag.

Satisfaction Warranties may be for refund only, exchange only, or either refund or exchange.  It will be clearly stated in your shopping bag at the time of check out.  Refunds will be for 100% of the price paid for the item plus shipping costs.  You will have a 3-day window after receiving your item to make a Satisfaction Warranty claim via an online claim form.

The cost of Satisfaction Warranties is based on the item price as follows:

$50-$99:  10% of item price

$100-$499: 15% of item price

$500 or greater: 20% of item price


why should I get this?

The Satisfaction Warranty gives you peace of mind with your purchases, in case the item you purchased is not what you expected or if it doesn’t fit quite right.  If you compare the cost of a Satisfaction Warranty with the hefty restocking fees that some retailers charge, it is quite reasonable indeed.

for sellers

As a seller, you have the option whether to offer Satisfaction Warranties in your shop.  Offering Satisfaction Warranties means that you have confidence in your products and you care about customer satisfaction – both of which make your shop very appealing to buyers.  Moreover, as an incentive, you also get to keep the premium paid for Satisfaction Warranties to make it worth your while.

Satisfaction Warranties can only be offered on new items (either with tags or without).  You can configure the Satisfaction Warranty for each applicable item in your shop individually on the item’s listing page.  The Warranty options available are:

  • Refunds only
  • Exchange only
  • Either refund or exchange

Needless to say that the more flexibility you offer in the Satisfaction Warranty, the more reassurance will be perceived by the buyer.


how refunds work

If you offer Satisfaction Warranty with an item, you will receive funds from the sale immediately whether your buyer chooses to purchase the warranty or not. 

In the event that your buyer makes a warranty claim, she has 3 days after receiving the item to file a claim online and she must promptly return the item to you.  At which point we will deduct the refundable amount from your PayPal account on file and refund the buyer on your behalf.

how exchanges work

The process is very similar to How refunds work above.  The buyer will specify the item of equal or slightly lesser value from your shop that she wants exchanged when she files an online claim form. When you receive the item returned by the Buyer, you should then send the buyer the item requested in exchange promptly at no further cost to the buyer.  


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