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shop analytics

Shop Analytics give you a good idea about how your shop is doing.  You can instantly see your shop visitors stats by the day, week or month, your average response time to buyers, and where you score on prompt shipment to buyers. 

Shop Analytics can be found in your seller profile dashboard.  Just click on Customer Service.

promo coupons

Promo coupons are a great way to promote your shop and to reward your customers.  You can issue coupons either to your customers only, or to the entire Upstyla community base.  Coupons are available at the following preset discount rates: 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 75%.

Promo coupons work nicely with the feedback loop feature on Upstyla.  When you receive feedback from your customers, coupons are a nice gesture to almost guarantee that buyers will come back to your shop.

reward system

No good deed goes unrewarded! Upstyla rewards sellers with an outstanding feedback score and consistent sales.  If you have a 95%+ feedback score, your commission rate drops to 3%.

feedback loop

See Feedback Loop Section

Aviary photo editor

See Aviary Section


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