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shipping your order

If you want to make your buyers happy and do well on Upstyla, you need to show that you are a caring and professional seller.  Your buyers will notice and show their appreciation in your feedback score.


Here's a checklist to help you get started:

  • For new items, include any tags and original packaging.
  • For used items, make sure the item has been cleaned.
  • Fold or package the item nicely, take care to make sure that it won't be creased, crushed, scratched or damaged in the shipping process.
  • As a courtesy to the buyer, wrap the item in fabric interfacing material, like the posh shops do. 
  • If it's a delicate non-clothing item, use foam wrap or bubble wrap.
  • Use sturdy non-tearable outer packaging:  for smaller clothing items, foam-padded or bubblewrap-padded envelopes will do the job.  For larger and bulkier items, use a sturdy box.
  • Print out an Upstyla packing slip and include it with the package.
  • Use printed shipping labels if possible (PayPal lets you do that).
  • If shipping outside your own country, be sure to include any custom declarations to speed up the shipping process.
  • Ship your package right away, don't delay!
  • After you have shipped your order, go to your Seller dashboard and click on the big red "mark as shipped" button—a notification email will then be sent to your buyer automatically that the order has shipped.


Upstyla shipping policy

Here's a reminder of our shipping policy in a nutshell:

  1. Ship your order within 7 days of sale. Whenever possible, ship by the next business day.
  2. State your shipping policy clearly in your item listing  - how soon will you ship and what shipping carriers you use.
  3. Your shipping charges should be the actual shipping cost for you to ship the item to the Buyer. You may include a small packing and handling charge but don't overcharge for shipping.
  4. Notify your buyer once the order has shipped and if available, provide your buyer with a tracking number.


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