why buy at Upstyla?


quality at bargain prices

We build our brand name and reputation on quality fashion at wallet-friendly prices. Items listed on Upstyla must meet our high standards. You are bound to find something cool and stylish at seriously affordable prices!

peace of mind satisfaction warranty

Upstyla understands the anxiety associated with purchasing items online and not being able to try them on prior to your purchase. Or worst, the item you’ve received doesn’t match the description. To give you peace of mind with your online purchases, Upstyla offers a Satisfaction Warranty.

local listings & pick up and go

Local listings are a way for you to find the hidden gems in your own communities and “skip the ship” altogether. Local Listings also allow you to shop the unique styles for a city. Feel free to browse the street styles from New York, Philly, San Francisco or LA for a more cosmopolitan look.

browse ‘n’ buy

Browse and buy as you would at any high end department store, without the high end price tags! Upstyla is set up galleria style for fun and easy browsing.

shop by style

Upstyla is super fashionista-friendly. We’ve made it easy for you to shop by style. Just use the Shop by Style drop down list or simply enter a style keyword in the search box.

name your price

For you bargain hunters out there, we have a Make Me an Offer feature at the seller’s option. When you see that on an item you are interested in, why not go ahead and make an offer? You never know!

have fun with style list

Style what you like or play virtual dress up, try on a style combination or simply for fun and conversation! No purchase necessary!

style actually

We love to talk fashion here at Upstyla. Join the smart fashionistas community and get in on the conversation in our Style Actually blog.

easy checkout

Shop as you would at any ecommerce site and put as many items as you like in your Shopping Bag. You can check out all at once and we’ll take care of paying the individual sellers for you.

order tracking

Our system will instantly notify you as soon as your seller confirms shipment. And you can easily track your order by logging on to your account at Upstyla.

easy sign up

You need to be a registered user to buy on Upstyla. Signing up for a Upstyla account is quick and simple, and FREE! Just provide an email address and a password and you are good to go! Why not sign up for an account now and join our community of discerning buyers and sellers?