why sell at Upstyla?


how it works


anyone can be a seller

Anyone can become a seller on Upstyla. All it takes is for you to have stylish quality fashion to offer.

free to sign up

It’s FREE to sign up on Upstyla as a Seller. Just sign up as a user in Step 1 and then follow the I want to sell link in Step 2 to sign up as a Seller.

listings are FREE

Listings are FREE on Upstyla. There are no limits to the number of items you may list. You only pay a small commission when your item sells.  Learn how to keep your listings always FREE on Upstyla.

low selling fee

Consignment stores can charge up to 50%, ouch! Other marketplace websites typically charge 10% or more. You pay a very modest 5% commission only when your item sells. 
For volume sellers, learn about Upstyla bulk listing.

feedback loop

Oftentimes, good or bad, the buyer gets the last word on feedback.  Upstyla’s feedback loop gives sellers a say too.  It’s only fair!  Learn more.

why Upstyla?

We have made it super simple for you to set up shop and do business in Upstyla! You can totally set up and customize your shop in a few mouse clicks, with bells and whistles and snazzy features to boot!

unlimited FREE listing

List as many items as you want for FREE on Upstyla. You only pay a small commission when your item sells, with zero upfront fees.

lowest selling fee

With Upstyla, you pay a very modest 5% selling fee only when your item sells. You see, we are committed to your success! We don’t make money if you don’t make money.

5 FREE photos

We insist that you showcase your item with awesome photos. You get 5 FREE photos for each item listed!

feedback loop

We want everyone to have a happy shopping experience on Upstyla. Upstyla’s feedback loop provides a fair chance for both buyers and sellers to work things out, if necessary.

style tags

We've built a powerful search engine to make it easy for buyers to find you!  Use Style Tags in addition to your item title, category and description, it will help buyers find you.

local listings & pick up and go

Local listings are a way for buyers to find the hidden gems in their own communities and “skip the ship” altogether. Local Listings also allow buyers to shop the unique styles for a city.

cash payment options

Combined with Local Listings and Pick up & Go feature, you have the option to ask for payment in cash for all local, in person sales.

seller success package

Shop Analytics
Shop Analytics give you a glimpse into how your shop is doing in terms of visitor numbers, customer response time and shipping time.
Feedback loop
Upstyla’s feedback loop provides a fair chance for both buyers and sellers to work things out, if necessary.
Promo Coupons
Promo coupons are a great way to promote your shop.  Use coupons to reward your customers and to attract new customers to your shop.
Reward System
No good deed goes unrewarded. Sellers with excellent feedback and consistent sales are rewarded with lower commission rates and listing subscription discounts.

set your own policies

No need to pull your hair out setting policies for your shop. We have customizable policies on a template for you to use. Just pick what works for you from a drop down list in a few mouse clicks.
Go the extra mile in customer service by offering Satisfaction Warranty to your buyers. It’s a win-win! Learn more.

easy order management

We'll email you when you have an order, just log on to print your packing slip. You can manage your entire order fulfillment process from the Seller control panel.

order tracking

Just click the red "mark as shipped" button from the Order page when you are ready to ship. Your Buyer will be notified immediately.

bulk listing

Wanna be a pro? You can upload your item listings in bulk and save time.

lot listings

Lot listings are a great time saver if you have many items to list that all happen to be in the same category with the same size. You can list them all in one fell swoop as a “lot” instead of individually.

hassle free customer service

You can respond to customer questions and issues through our super efficient, hassle-free messaging system.

quick payment

You get paid immediately as soon as you confirm shipment! No fuss, no wait and no payment thresholds! Most other marketplace websites make you wait 2 weeks or impose minimum thresholds.

flexible pricing

You set your own selling price. And if you are game for a haggle, just select the Name Your Price feature when you list your item and see what you get. You can always make a counter-offer!

what it takes


stylish items

Do you own chic, sought after clothing, hot designer labels, rare vintage finds, one-of-a-kind fashions, handmade items, up and coming designers? List your apparels and accessories today.

quality items

We are building the Upstyla brand name and reputation on quality and sensible prices. The items you offer must be of high quality in terms of fashion aesthetics, style, quality and condition. It should be in either new, like new or gently used condition.

realistic prices

As Upstyla is all about quality at sensible prices, you should price your item realistically at an attractive discount well below full retail price.

great photos

The quality of your item has to be conveyed in awesome photos, without which your item won’t sell. Do post 5 great photos to showcase your item in the best possible light. Just follow these wonderful tips we have for you and you can’t go wrong! We’ve also just added the Aviary Photo Editor to help you give your photos a professional touch.

accurate description

Describe your item fully and accurately. Not only will it help you sell your item, it will help you build your reputation as a trusted seller as well.

sign up now

Ready to sell? Just sign up as a Upstyla user and you will be taken to the next step to sign up as a seller. You will be asked to verify your email address and provide payment information. It is an authentication and security measure, don’t worry, you will not be charged. You will be able to list your item for sale immediately after signing up.