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do's and don'ts

Please do your best to follow these rules to ensure that your items sell and to build a reputation as a trusted seller.


  • Do list your good quality, stylish, new or barely worn items in good condition.
  • Do keep your tags and labels intact if your item is brand new, you can sell it for more!
  • Do include a photo of the actual item.
  • Do describe the item accurately, especially its condition.
  • Do include keywords in your item title, such as style, designer, color, material, this is how buyers find you.
  • Do show the correct size as labeled.
  • Do list your handmade, handcrafted or one-of-a-kind items, especially if you have had good feedback from previous buyers.
  • Do price your items sensibly to sell.
  • Do ensure that your items are clean, and folded if applicable, prior to shipping.
  • Do ship your item to your buyer ASAP and no later than 7 days after the sale.
  • Do communicate with your buyer after checkout to confirm shipment.
  • Do give your buyer feedback.
  • Do meet your customer or seller in a public well lit, busy area for all local, “skip the ship” transactions. Our recommended venues include local coffee shops, inside malls.
  • Do wrap your item in tissue paper and present your item nicely to your customer in a shopping bag with a handle.
  • Do list items in lot listings that are the same category, subcategory and size.
  • Do make your lot listing’s Featured Image highlight only one of your items in the LOT.
  • Do review your shop analytics regularly and do what you can to make your shop better.
  • Do use coupons to promote your shop to repeat customers and the Upstyla community.


  • Don't list any items with noticeable stains or blemishes.
  • Don't list anything beyond "barely worn".
  • Don't list items if not in good condition.
  • Don't list anything that a Goodwill store will reject.
  • Don't list any undergarments for sale, they will not be accepted.
  • Don't sell seconds, unless they are clearly described as such and deeply discounted.
  • Don't use profanity in your item description, or you risk having your account deleted.
  • Don't sell stolen goods or anything illegal.
  • Don't lie about or exaggerate the item in your description, you will get a negative feedback.
  • Don't overprice your item or it won't sell in the marketplace.
  • Don't use any nude or sexually explicit photos in your item description.
  • Don’t meet your customer at their home or yours, at parking lots, or in areas that are not well lit and frequented for local, “skip the ship” transactions.
  • For cash transactions, don’t accept partial payment for your items.
  • Don’t list items in LOT listings that are not the same category, subcategory and size.


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