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Sales made on Upstyla are legally binding on both Seller and Buyer. A sale is completed on the Buyer's side when a Buyer checks out and pays for the item, including shipping and handling charges and any applicable taxes.

All sales are final. You should assume that you cannot return the item for a refund unless the Seller has a refund, return, exchange or a satisfaction guarantee policy. Currently, Upstyla recommends that Sellers have a clearly stated refund, return and satisfaction guarantee policy, however, it is entirely up to each individual Seller. We expect to make it a standard requirement for sellers to have a refund, return and satisfaction guarantee policy in the next few months. 


shipping policy

For Sellers:

  1. You must ship the order to the Buyer within 7 days of sale. Whenever possible, we urge Sellers to ship items by the close of the following business day as a matter of best practice.
  2. How quickly items are shipped out is an important aspect of your customer service as a Seller. If you have a policy of shipping orders out within a certain time frame, please state so clearly in your item listing. Your Buyer will want to know and it can be a conducive factor for Buyers leaving positive feedback for you.
  3. Your advertised shipping charges should be the actual shipping cost for you to ship the item to the Buyer. You may include a small packing and handling charge in the shipping cost, however, you may not otherwise mark up your shipping cost.
  4. We highly recommend that you notify your Buyer once the order has shipped and whenever available, provide your Buyer with a tracking number. Not only will you be providing valuable customer service, a tracking number proves that the order has been shipped in the event of any subsequent claim for non-receipt of the item by the Buyer.

Be sure to check out the order shipping checklist.


For Buyers:

  1. You should find out when the Seller is expected to ship the item, how much it would cost to ship it and how long it will take to reach you before you commit to purchasing an item. If this information is not clearly stated in the item description, please ask the Seller directly.
  2. If you buy from a Seller located outside your country, it is your responsibility as Buyer to ensure that there are no import restrictions applicable to your item from the Seller's country. It is also your responsibility to pay any customs or import duties on the item.
  3. Please allow a reasonable amount of time for the item to reach you before following it up with the Seller. If shipped from the same country, 7-10 days is considered reasonable; if shipped from the same continent, 7-20 days. In any event, you should expect to receive your item within 3-4 weeks.
  4. You can contact the Seller via the contact seller link in the item listing or in the Seller's profile.


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